This Month in SAS Viya (August 2023)

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By Jack McGuire

Key SAS Viya updates you need to know this month.

As of the August 2023 stable release, SAS Workload Orchestrator is a default component of the SAS Viya platform deployment and does not require an additional license.

SAS Workload Orchestrator enhances the workload management features of Kubernetes by offering more options for managing SAS compute workloads. It has many features similar to SAS 9 Grid Manager, such as queues, prioritization, and pre-emption, which help allocate workloads to compute nodes efficiently. Starting from the May 2023 stable release, SAS Workload Orchestrator can also work with the Kubernetes Cluster Autoscaler to adjust the size of the compute node pool dynamically.

For more information please see the SAS® Viya® Platform Administration Guide: Workload Management.

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