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Is your analytics stack providing you with the insights you need?

Do you know what your ultimate analytics capability looks like but don’t know how to get there?

Is your analytics costing you more and more so you’re struggling to demonstrate a ROI?

That is where our team of data experts can help.

Platform Design & Build

Designing and deploying your analytics platform requires a combination of technical expertise, business knowledge, and design skills to ensure that the platform meets the business objectives as well as user needs.

Whether that’s upgrading to SAS Viya, deploying PowerBI and integrating with the latest open source tools, we have the team to help.

We take a full 360 view of your analytics platform requirements and align them with your business objectives. We always look to balance and optimise performance with cost, especially with increasing cloud adoption.

Validated SCE

We build fully customisable, flexible and scalable Validated Statistical Computing Environments (VSCE) either On Premise, Hybrid, Public or Private Cloud hosted by you or by us. Maximising potential with your data and your people.

Our tailored Validate SCE is based on seven pillars:

The benefits of Katalyze Data VSCE include:

Flexible Solution

  • A customised environment to meet your organisations specific needs. Moving away from inflexible COTS solutions our team of experts build a platform that is designed around what you need from your clinical data. Delivering the tools aligned with each user profile.

Technological Evolution

  • Combine SAS with open source tools such as R and Python, while maintaining the traceability and version control required. Allowing deeper data exploration and expanding possibilities for graphics, modelling and interactivity within your data.

Complete Support

  • Delivering more than just a platform, a full review of existing procedures, a gap analysis and new SOPs; a fully audit ready system. Training and Graduate Data Talent can be provided to bridge any knowledge gaps and our maintenance team are on hand to provide ongoing support as needed.
Having the validated platform and the open source environment linked has been transformative for us as a business
Sosei Heptares
Read our White Paper on The Future of Validated Statistical Environments and how to keep ahead of the curve with a hybrid environment.
The Future of Validated SCE

Migrate & Modernise

There are plenty of reasons to migrate and modernise your analytics platform to the latest software stack including;

  1. the potential for significant operational cost savings and improved ability for your teams to draw the insights they need, faster
  2. improved integration with open source tools such as R and Python, while maintaining the traceability and version control required
  3. optimising your infrastructure whether that’s on prem, hybrid or cloud, for performance and cost

Migrating your analytics platform and everything that comes with it is no easy task. Your BAU doesn’t go away and you need to find the time and capacity to migrate not only the infrastructure but the reports and insights.

Our team deliver a customised migration that will improve performance, democratise your data, increase productivity, ensure governance and realise cost efficiencies.

Every customer is different and has different capabilities and capacity which is why we tailor our approach to each customer. Whether you need full complete support as you don’t have the internal capacity or knowledge internally to get the job done, all the way through to high level independent advice to guide your skilled team through the migration process.

PoC/MvP Development

Building out your analytics platform is a significant investment. It can be tough to get buy in from all stakeholders of the business and we therefore find it can be useful to develop a small initial proof of concept (PoC) or Minimum Viable Product (MvP).

By creating a PoC/MvP, you can test the capabilities of your analytics platform before committing to a full-scale implementation. A PoC/MvP can allow you to:

  1. Confirm feasibility: is your analytics solutions platform capable of solving the specific problems you’re looking to address. Can it handle the volume and complexity of data for example.
  2. Evaluate performance: how quickly and accurately does the solution process and analyse data.
  3. Identify potential roadblocks: are there any roadblocks which need to be addressed prior to a full-scale deployment?
  4. Reduce risk: By starting with a POC/MvP you will minimize the risk of investing both time and money in a solution platform that doesn’t meet your needs.
  5. Provide a basis for decision making: After conducting a POC/MvP, you’ll be able to make more informed decisions about whether or not to invest in your analytics solution.

We work with you to design, implement and analyse your PoC/MvP and ultimately start you on the path to getting more out of your data.

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