This Month in SAS Viya (May 2023)

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By Jack McGuire

Key SAS Viya updates you need to know this month.

This month for SAS Viya there has been both a new Long-Term Stable (LTS) 2023.03 and a new Stable 2023.05 release.

The Long-Term Stable releases are scheduled for May and November every year. The latest LTS release (2023.03) includes all the changes up the March 2023.03 stable release, along with patch updates.

The key consideration for the latest Stable release (2023.05) is to make sure the versions of the platform components are up to date:

  • Kubernetes 1.26.x has been added but Kubernetes 1.23.x is no longer supported.
  • NGINX ingress control now requires version 1.3.0 or later In the previous release, 1.1.1 and later were supported.
  • Kustomize 5.0.0 is now required, just like in previous releases. Releases before 2023.03 can still use Kustomize 3.7.0 or 4.5.7

Further information about these SAS Viya releases can be found in the links below:

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