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Are you getting the most out of your analytics investment?

Is your platform unstable, outdated or you simply don’t know how to maintain it?

Are you struggling to recruit data talent to your team?

That is where our team of data experts can help.

Managed Analytics Platform

Our managed solution is a cost-effective way of managing your analytic environments, Our four-pillars ensure that we can provide the focus our efforts on what matters most.

  1. Prevention – proven methods to reduce risks and failures of your analytics platform.
  2. Prediction – increase the visibility of your platforms usage to ensure stability and optimal performance as its usage adapts.
  3. Insurance – access to your dedicated team of experts, on hand and ready to help when you need them most.
  4. Modernisation – your appointed technical account manager will work with you to make sure you embrace the full value from your investment.

Dedicated Team

You will have access to a dedicated technical account manager which will be your primary, long-term contact for you and your organisation. They will architect the activities of the dedicated support team around your companies’ requirements. They will strive to develop important knowledge and insight about you, your business and your infrastructure to ensure you’re getting the most out of your analytics environment.

Our approach to managing your analytics environment means we:

  1. Are there on-demand for any incidents
  2. Ensure your environment stays performant
  3. Create alerts to identify issues as soon as they arise and take action immediately
  4. Regular platform health checks to review performance, stability, usage and available updates
  5. Roadmap planning sessions to discuss any issues, change of usage and custom requests
  6. Are available 24/7 through our front-line help desk for any issues you have
  7. Manage admin including:
  • User & group management
  • License updates
  • Backup management
  • Security support

This work is key part of ensuring the compliant and efficient running of a platform that is often essential for the business growth.

You will also benefit from:

  • Flexible access
    • You have complete control over the level of support you need and when including:
      • Within standard working hours
      • Extended working hours
      • Out of working hours
  • Exclusive IP Tools
    • Bespoke tools we have developed to monitor and optimise your environments

We will take away the pain of managing your analytics environments, leaving you free to spend more time on the projects you really care about.

Graduate Data Talent

We attract, hire and train the next generation of data experts and place them with organisations who want to futureproof their data capability with top talent.

Our Graduates

  • We recruit STEM graduates to train on an intensive, instructor-led programme over a 3 month period. The curriculum covers:
    • SAS (including SAS Certification)
    • Python
    • R
    • SQL
    • Data Visualisation
    • Data Programming
    • Business Statistics & Predictive Analytics
    • Workplace skills
    • …and more

Low-risk, High-reward

  • Once they been on assignment with you for 9 months you have the opportunity to retain the skill and IP of your Katalyze Data graduate data talent as a full-time employee for no fee.
  • A significantly shorter waiting time to realise the investment in a new graduate in your team, lowering your recruiting costs and risk.

Ongoing Support

  • Our training team have real world experience of working on projects with our clients across a variety of industries, providing tailored solutions that drive profit and growth. This is the knowledge and ongoing support we provide to the graduate data talent that will be placed in your organisation.

If there are specific skills you need your data experts to have then we can include custom modules for your chosen graduates.

The Katalyze Data graduate data talent offers GEM a convenient and effective way of introducing top talent into our business. Katalyze Data graduates typically have a strong academic background, extensive training in languages such as SAS, R, Python and a thirst to learn about the Pharma industry.

I would recommend this programme to any organisation looking to recruit the next generation of ambitious and highly skilled programmers. The Katalyze Data team are always professional and are a real pleasure to work with.
Mark Burke
Gem Programming
If you’re struggling for data talent within your organisation, then our Graduate Data Talent is the perfect solution for you.
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Data & AI

Data Science

We help you apply sophisticated data modelling and analytics tools for repeatable decision-making based on your data. Some of our experience includes:

Artificial Intelligence

  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning automate your organisation’s decision making – no matter the amount of data, let it be existing legacy data or Big Data. AI provides prescriptive decision making to personal customisations.

Propensity Modelling

  • We assess your customer data for accurate insights into their propensity to behave in predefined ways. This provides insights to enable up-selling and cross-selling and generates understanding of customer loyalty, fraud and risk across industries.


  • We divide your customer base into homogeneous groups according to characteristics, traits and behaviours. This stimulates powerful, targeted marketing campaigns to enable the conversion of prospects into valuable, loyal customers.
Business Intelligence

We turn your data into repeatable, automated insights ensuring the right information gets to the right people at the right time.

Power BI

  • Our consultants can accelerate your adoption of Power BI across your team. This goes from deploying the architecture and integration across your data sources through to setting up visualisations and dashboards. Altogether enabling you to share insights across your organisation and make data driven decisions.
Data Engineering

We help you design, develop and build the infrastructure to ensure that your data has the quality and governance necessary to allow you to make data driven decisions.

Data Pipeline

  • We develop and optimise the data pipelines to automate the movement of your data from the various sources within the organisation.

Data Quality

  • We develop the processes that identify and correct any data quality issues, such as missing or duplicate data.

Data Security

  • We ensure that your data is stored and processed securely and in compliance with regulations such as GDPR. We also develop processes to protect your sensitive data and monitor the data infrastructure for security threats.
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