Amadeus Software Rebrands to Katalyze Data

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Today we have unveiled our new identity, including a new name and logo. We have officially rebranded to Katalyze Data to better reflect what we do: helping our customers get more out of their data and be the catalyst for their analytics transformation.


Over 30 years we’ve completed 1,500+ projects for 500+ happy customers by providing independent, clear advice and innovative solutions developed from years of experience within advanced analytics.


Our support and tailored solutions have catalysed many of our customers’ analytics journey and transformation. Therefore, being a catalyst has subconsciously been part of our approach for a long time. So, when we focused on our rebrand, ‘Katalyze’ was already intrinsic to our purpose and we were excited to align that with our external image.  More than a name change we want to signify the renewed sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm of our team; with growth and an increase in demand for modern data platforms paving the way.

We are passionate about helping our customers to get more out of the data they have and accelerating data-driven decisions. We feel our new name more accurately reflects the conversations we’re having with our customers.
Explains Michael Walters who, along with his brother PJ acquired the business in 2021.

In today’s fast paced business world of advanced analytics, more choices of programming language, sophisticated AI solutions, and faster capabilities for actioning insight, we know adapting and evolving is imperative to stay ahead of the curve. The relaunch of the brand has been a long time in the planning, and we feel that Katalyze Data reflects our broad service offering and the continued future direction of the company.

We know that effectively using your data can be the catalyst to business transformation and growth. We are there support our customers and accelerate their data journey, by providing insight and solutions to their business issues that will deliver long term growth, improved productivity, and business success.

Our mission is to provide the expertise to catalyse the ability to unlock the power of data-driven decisions. We feel the name change and fresh brand identity clearly reflects who we are and what our customers already see when they’re working with us. The great news is that we’re still the same team with an established track record of success, a knowledgeable, passionate, and curious bunch of people who will uncover the best solutions for our customers. The new website provides an improved experience for customers who are looking to find the solutions and support that they need to improve their performance and profitability with data.

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