Transforming a Legacy System into a Faster more Efficient Central SAS Platform

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  • SAS
  • Validated SCE

The Problem

Flexibility to Grow

Simbec-Orion is a growing full service CRO with a wealth of experience and knowledge in clinical trials. Improving the analytic capabilities and giving them the flexibility to meet and exceed their client expectations was a priority for CIO Jim Kendall.

Reduced Productivity

Dealing with licences on individual laptops was becoming a mammoth task to keep on top of logistically, as well as an escalating expense. The issue was highlighted further by the mass
transition to home working in 2020. Working with SAS on desktop, and data on servers created a strain on bandwidth resulting in a slowing down of productivity. The average phase one study was taking 4-5 hours to run, making it difficult to stick to agreed timelines for customers.

Key Issues

  • Dated legacy system
  • Fragmented licences
  • Slow data transfer
  • Lack of version control
  • Barriers to fast growth

The Solution

A modernisation to a server solution provided the increase in speed and flexibility of the software. Licences were allocated per study and version control could be governed centrally. By configuring two environments, hotfixes and patches could be applied without affecting productivity in the live environment. Both speed and efficiency were improved, freeing up time to progress the clinical trials quicker and reach solutions faster.


Solution Package

Validated Centralised Solution

Allowing data and statistical analysis to be conducted through a central platform. Extra functionality through increased software products.


Bespoke training package to enable quick onboarding of existing and new staff to the new system.

SOP Validation Pack

Full review of existing SOP’s and gap analysis.

The time for an average Phase 1 study is now three to five times faster to run. The team can’t wait to start realising the full potential of this new platform and software.
Wouter Wijker
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