Improving Clinical Data Efficiencies and Increasing Speed to Market.

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Investing in a clinical digital analytics programme has transformed the ability to meet current and future business needs.


The Problem

Growing Pains

Sosei Heptares has significantly grown. Driving that growth has been an increasing number of clinical studies. Alex Godwood, Director of Statistics for the international biopharmaceutical group, recognised that a better way forward for data analysis requirements was needed to enable the next phase of growth.


The Solution

A Flexible Solution

An off-the-shelf solution did not provide the level of control around the data that was needed. What was required was a solution tailored to the business needs. Providing flexibility within the platform to maximise any future opportunities. It was key to build something that could be adapted as they grew.

Improved Efficiencies

Katalyze Data worked alongside Sosei to create a fully customised validated structure. Meaning that they have full control over all the processes and the data that they process.
The system saves the company time and improves efficiencies within the business because everything is linked and easily accessible.


  • SAS Office Analytics
  • SAS Enterprise Guide
  • SAS Studio
  • GitHub
  • Posit
  • Python
  • Jupyter Notebook
  • Azure Cloud


We had been using CROs for our analysis which meant that we were sent results but had no control or visibility of the full data sets. I wanted us to be able to make the most of all of the data and explore deeper into the results.

Having the validated platform and the open-source environment linked together has been transformative for us as a business, we have run modelling and simulations in the open-source software, while still being able to link it back to the validated environment.
Alex Godwood, Director of Statistics
Sosei Heptares
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