Learn R: Programming

Standard Course
£350 +VAT
per delegate
Course duration: 1 Day

You will gain a thorough understanding of data frame manipulation as well as combining, transposing and appending tables.
The course will also teach essential skills to program efficiently, covering loops, creating user-defined functions, managing an R environment and programming best practices

Who is it for?

Anyone who has a basic understanding of R or has attended our Learn R: Introduction course.


Basic knowledge of the R language

What you will learn

A summary of dplyr verbs and magrittr

  • Advanced techniques in Dplyr for data frame manipulation
  • Glue
  • Transposing Data
  • Joining Data
  • Combining Data Files

  • IF, conditional processing
  • For Loops
  • While loops
  • Looping Data frame variables

  • User Defined Functions
  • Function Environments
  • Saving Functions
  • Apply family (apply, lapply, sapply)
  • Purrr (tidyverse equivalent)
  • Across() from dplyr

  • Paths
  • Projects
  • Environments

  • Memory Management
  • Program Debugging
  • Additional Tips and Trick

Learn R: Programming Course Dates

Due to Covid-19 all Amadeus training will be delivered via live web classes. Our live Web classes are as interactive as our classroom training, there are also some benefits - no travelling time and costs!

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