Learn Python: pandas for Data Analysis

Standard Course
£700 +VAT
per delegate
Course duration: 2 Days

This course covers topics to enable you to build a base layer of knowledge to start programming with pandas. By attending this training, you will:

  • Learn how to connect to existing data files and read data into a pandas DataFrame
  • Gain a range of techniques to prepare and cleanse data
  • Discover how to aggregate and explore a DataFrame
  • Start to create programs in python to solve business problems using data.
An excellently structured, presented and delivered course
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Who is it for?

This course is designed for people with a basic understanding of the Python language, who wish to learn how to use python for data analysis in pandas. It will teach everything that someone needs to know to get started programming with the pandas library.


Basic understanding of the Python language.

What you will learn

  • An intro to the pandas package
  • Introduction to pandasdata structures: Series and DataFrame
  • Utilising the documentation

  • Reading and writing data from csv files
  • Processing data from a SQL database

  • Exploring a DataFrame
  • Methods and attributes
  • Data Types
  • DataFrame indexes
  • Filtering rows and column from a data frame

  • Conditionally filtering a DataFrame
  • Create new columns
  • String manipulation
  • Categorical data
  • Working with:
  • Sorting data, Duplicate data, Missing data

  • Concatenating multiple DataFrames
  • Multiple techniques to join / merge DataFrames

  • Standalone aggregate methods
  • Agg() method
  • Grouping and summarising data
  • Plot basic bar chart usingplot() method

Working with dates in pandas:

  • Pandas Timestamp,Timedelta and DateOffset class
  • Converting strings into a datetime object
  • Plotting timeseries analysis
  • Working with Python’s Datetime module

  • Conditional processing with If-elif-else statements
  • Defensive programming
  • For and While loops
  • Break statement
  • User-defined functions

Learn Python: pandas for Data Analysis

Our courses are live instructor-led and can be attended virtually or at our office.

  • Monday 11 March 2024 - Tuesday 12 March 2024
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  • Wednesday 05 June 2024 - Thursday 06 June 2024
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  • Tuesday 03 September 2024 - Wednesday 04 September 2024
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  • Monday 02 December 2024 - Tuesday 03 December 2024
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