Fundamental ODS Graphics

Standard Course
£700 +VAT
per delegate
Course duration: 2 Days

After two days of instructor lead tuition attendees will be able to: • Produce high quality graphical outputs with the following SAS/GRAPH® procedures: o SGPLOT o SGSCATTER o SGPANEL o SGRENDER;

Who is it for?

This course is intended for those who have previously attended the Amadeus SAS Fundamentals course or equivalent. Additionally, we recommend that attendees have three months of regular SAS programming experience to gain the most benefit from this course.


What you will learn

  • Objectives
  • Concepts and Terminology
  • What is ODS Graphics Software?
  • Creating Graphs
  • Enhancing Graphs
  • Workshop Session


  • The SGPLOT Procedure
  • Basic Plots
  • Workshop Session

  • Statistical Plots
  • Distribution Plots
  • Categorisation Plots
  • Fit and Confidence Plots (Optional)
  • Other Statistical Plots
  • Workshop Session

  • Controlling Axes
  • Adding Lines
  • Adding Key Information and Other Text
  • Standard SAS Statements
  • STYLEATTRS Statement
  • Attributes Maps
  • User-Defined Symbols
  • Setting Attributes
  • Options to the Proc SGPLOT Statement
  • SGPLOT Summary
  • Workshop Session

  • Introduction
  • Proc SGPANEL
  • Proc SGSCATTER (Optional)
  • Workshop Session

  • GTL and Proc SGRENDER
  • Workshop Session

  • What is the ODS Graphics Designer?
  • Starting the ODS Graphics Designer
  • Creating a New Graph Using the Graph Gallery
  • More Graphs from the Gallery
  • Adding Plots and Cells to a Graph
  • Autocharts
  • Workshop Session

  • Ordinary Graphs
  • Shared Variable (SV) Graphs
  • Using Dynamic Text Strings
  • Limitations
  • Workshop Session

  • Exporting Graphics with the Output Delivery System
  • HTML Techniques
  • Using Styles
  • Graph Size and Resolution
  • Workshop Session

Fundamental ODS Graphics Course Dates

Our courses are live instructor-led and can be attended virtually or at our office.

  • Wednesday 30 August 2023 - Thursday 31 August 2023
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  • Tuesday 28 November 2023 - Wednesday 29 November 2023
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