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By Jacob Mason

Microsoft Fabric SAS Scorecards are versatile tools for various tasks. Use them on their own as task trackers with targets and progress tracking. You could track KPIs or weekly changes in your data by connecting to Power BI report objects. Scorecards are organized in workspaces for easy sharing and come with options for assigning Owners to each task. Let’s see how Scorecards can boost your data analysis, whether you work alone or in a team.

Scorecards can be created within Power BI to track metrics in your data. These can keep track of manual targets as well as dynamic targets connected to data. Rules can be set up to determine the status of a metric whether ‘On Track’, ‘Behind’ or ‘Completed’ amongst others. These statuses can also be managed manually.

Uses of Scorecards

There are many ways that Scorecards can be utilised for significant benefits. Scorecards can even be used completely independently from your Fabric data. For example, Scorecards could be used as a work task tracker, listing everything you need to complete with a target, status and level of completion. Alternatively, you could track KPIs or weekly changes in your data by connecting to Power BI report objects. Under each Metric, you can track Sub-Metrics to gain a deeper insight into your data.



As with everything within Microsoft Fabric, Scorecards live within a Workspace, so you can share your Scorecards with your colleagues. As shown above, each Metric and Sub-Metric can have a separate Owner to show who is responsible for each Metric.


It is even possible to set up automations on your Scorecard. This can be done through Power Automate by creating a Flow.

These Flows are triggered by certain events such as ‘When a data refresh for a goal fails’, ‘When current value of a goal changes’ or ‘When someone assigns a new owner’.

These automation can really take the pain out of manually modifying metrics when certain events happen and save you some valuable time.


Scorecards in Microsoft Fabric, when used with Power BI, are powerful tools for tracking your data. They help you monitor metrics, set targets, and easily understand how things are going. You can even manually update them when necessary. These scorecards are your trusted allies for better data analysis and decision-making.

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