Provision of Business-Critical Technical Skills through Katalyze Data Graduate Data Talent to meet Clinical Trial Deadlines

  • Graduate Data Talent

Recruitment of Graduate Data Talent from Katalyze Data with data science skills to provide critical support and “just-in-time” expertise to support the analysis of high-profile clinical trials.


Business issue

Analysis is time-critical with strict deadlines, and preparation is key to ensure timely analysis and reporting to the sponsor. With unexpected peaks in demand and workload, the customer sought an innovative approach to training and recruitment that allowed a cost- effective solution.


The customer sought a rapid and innovative (but cost-effective) way for training and recruitment. They needed to maximise output during a time of high demand and tight deadlines without having to employ additional permanent members of staff. Providing placements to Katalyze Data graduates supports the organisations charitable objectives around education and training and provides the graduates an opportunity to put their data skills into practice.

Katalyze Data Solution Delivered

Katalyze Data recently provided fully-trained graduates for a nine-month placement based at the customer’s office in Scotland.


The graduates quickly completed a tailored organisational and project induction training course prior to beginning work on a customer project which was at peak of activity. Throughout their nine-month placement, the graduates were treated as any other internal employee, attending meetings, staff training and departmental activity. They fully integrated with their co-workers and became an invaluable source of critical resources for the everyday activities of the team.


We have really benefitted from using Graduate Data Talent from Katalyze Data because it provided excellent graduates with the necessary SAS skills, and led to seamless recruitment of three permanent staff members
Frontier Science (Scotland)
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